Simply For Life Nutrition Seminar

Simply for life Seminar
Nutrition for Performance
Saturday, Sept 27th, 1pm

• Nutrition and muscle hypertrophy
• Recovery
• Supplements
• And much more…

Crossfit Dieppe is very excited to have special guest Steve Sweeney from Simply for life to come and give a free seminar!! Take advantage of this great opportunity, all are welcome; bring a friend or family member if you want! Feel free to bring a chair to be more comfortable.

Steve Sweeney is a franchise owner and certified
nutrition consultant for Simply For Life.

Over the past 10 years, his career has been devoted to his clients by
coaching and consulting them into changing their lifestyles through
proper nutrition. His second passion is Sports Nutrition, which has
consisted of coaching elite ‘Ironman’ athletes, hockey players and
marathon runners. Whether you are an athlete, diabetic or simply
overweight and need to change your lifestyle – Steve is the guy that
can make it happen! He believes in a “tough/love” disciplinary

He has also travelled the country by assisting health conferences suchas Dr. Andrew Weil, an internationally recognized leader in integrativemedicine, as well as worldwide renowned strength coach expert Charles Poliquin.

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