Voici des témoignages que les membres de CrossFit Dieppe ont partagés avec nous.

“I started at CrossFit Dieppe approximately 4.5 months ago, so I’m still a baby in the CrossFit world. My first workout was shoulder presses and as many squats as I could do in a minute. I thought to myself “that’s it??!” That’s Crossfit? Then, I walk my way to my truck and could barely walk. My legs were pure jello. After that I could barely sit or go downs stairs for 3 days! Thank God it was the weekend! That’s when I realized “that’s it?” was the best ironic question you could ask when doing a WOD. (Yes, I’m using some interesting terminology too these days!)

I originally started CrossFit with a strong need to build strength in order to avoid another back injury. A friend has suggested it to me. Winter was coming and I would have a lot of shovelling to do! But now, I’m hooked. The best part, is that “it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” when you walk through the door. The Workout of the Day is different each day. My strength has increased 10-fold since I first started. I can do things and lift things without even thinking twice about it both at the gym and in my every day routine which gives me a sense of pride, accomplishment and confidence. The insides of my hands have calluses regularly, they’ve seen blisters, even a skin tear, not to mention the bruises on my collar bones, shoulder blades and yes, my chin! (don’t ask!) I just keep going every weekday morning…did I mention I’m hooked yet? Here’s the bonus, in the last 4.5 months, I’ve lost about 15 lbs and gone down 2 dress sizes. For a girl, that counts! A lot! Finally, I’m eating better and enjoying the benefits every day.

CrossFit will make me test my limits and exceed them on a regular basis. Especially, with a CrossFit Dieppe trainer there, you know you’re being well followed and encouraged to reach your goal of Ultimate Fitness, whatever that means for you. This fitness approach is like nothing else. I’ve gone to the various fitness gyms, did the aerobics, circuit training, etc. There is nothing quite like CrossFit, there is no other way to put it. Now I know, whatever I need to get my body to do, just Bring-It-On! I’m a “Crossfitter”!

Tania M.”

(Feb. 2010)


“Over the years I’ve kept active through weight training, running, swimming and more recently kickboxing. I started Cross Fit a year ago just to try something different. I found the workouts more intense and even challenging. Along with better nutrition, was a healthier mind and body. I look and even think better. The gang at Cross Fit Dieppe along with many of the other participants are very support and knowledgeable. Thanks guys!!

Kurt B.”

(March 2010)


“I started at Crossfit Dieppe the first week of June 2010 with a couple of my buddies. Being a really out of shape and overweight 33 year old, I was looking for something that would keep me interested and motivated. Something that would keep my competitive juices going, out of the norm and would not be boring. Well, I found it.

From the moment I walked in the box, this place was different. A garage, on Melanson Road without, would you believe, any mirrors. Most gyms have tons of cardio machines, people listening to their Ipods, not this place. Music was rockin’, people were lifting weights, doing pull-ups and a bunch of other exercises I had never done. The people that were training were encouraging and pushing each other to perform, how awesome is that!

I met the coahes; they put us right at ease and explained how the CrossFit was so different. How it constantly changes to both avoid boredom and to give you total body fitness. He showed us the basic movements, the warm-up we would be performing everyday and eased us into the workout of the day(WOD). I must admit, for that first workout, I remember doing pull-ups and rowing and some other exercise and there were 3 rounds of it. I completed round 1, then had to sit out round 2 and completed round 3. I realized quickly how out of shape I was. The next day, I showed up again and I was totally hooked.

So 8 full months later and I’ve dropped 28 pounds of body fat. I’ve increased both my overall strength and stamina by leaps and bounds, and overall I’m a happier person. Finding this place was one of the best things I’ve done. The coaches and people are all great and very encouraging.

I fully recommend CrossFit Dieppe to anyone who wants to get in shape. Just come in and check it out. You won’t be sorry!

Mark B.”

(Jan. 2011)


“I’ve always been an active person and enjoy a variety sports. I have been running and cycling for several years, competing in many local events and fundraisers. I was never a fan of lifting weights, and found it boring and time consuming and because I had that attitude, I wasn’t able to stick with it. I figured I didn’t need to do strength work and thought that all of my cardio exercise would keep me in shape and strong. Since starting with Crossfit in April 2010 I’ve noticed great improvements in the way I feel, my physical strength and in my race performance. After training intensely on the bike for months earlier and then failing to complete a cycling event in August 2009 due to fatigue and poor nutrition, I was extremely disappointed in myself. I had been working out at Crossfit for 5 months and when I returned to that same event the following year I successfully completed it. I hadn’t trained on the bicycle nearly as much prior to the event yet I finished feeling strong! I am now addicted to Crossfit and hate to miss even one day! I like to push myself; I love a physical challenge and am faced with one every time I go to the gym. The atmosphere there is awesome – the trainers and other members are supportive and always encouraging you to push yourself harder. At one time I hated going to the gym – now I absolutely love it!

Lori G.”

(Feb. 2011)


“When I first walked in to the Crossfit Dieppe gym last summer I was unknowingly turning my life around. Being overweight, out of shape, and going to the ‘’conventional’’ gym, I was just looking for a new and more effective way to exercise. A co-worker, who was already a ‘’Crossfitter ‘’, finally convinced me to come and find out what was all the hype about this Crossfit.

I am not going to lie; the first weeks training there were grueling. After my first work out I could barely walk for a few days. But I wouldn’t be writing this testimonial if I had not stuck with it. Six months later here I am ‘’A Crossfitter’’, in the best shape of my life and enjoying Crossfit everyday that I possibly can!

Crossfit keeps on challenging me and testing my limits every single day and I love it! I recommend to anyone looking to get in shape to come and try this out. The friendly CFD trainers and amazing atmosphere here at Crossfit Dieppe will definitely make you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be!

Come and check this out, you won’t regret it!!

Gab S.”

(Feb. 2011)