All prices include HST (HST # 801949454RT0001)

Methods of payment accepted (click here for info.)  ALL PAYMENTS NEED TO BE MADE VIA PAD ONLY, PLEASE.



FIRST STEP TO JOIN – take our 3-week Intro to CrossFit for Beginners course (aka – On-RAMP): 85$

3 sessions during week One (more sessions, if needed) + Beginner classes during your second and third weeks

During your course, you can expect the following sessions:

First week of the course:
Session 1 – Tuesday, 730pm
Session 2 – Wednesday, 730pm
Session 3 – Sunday, 9am

During your Second & Third weeks of the course:
Beginner classes Monday to Thursday at 7pm


Once INTRO COURSE above has been completed

1 month unlimited

100$, paid each month via PAD only


Punch card (10 sessions)

85$, paid via PAD only


Pay for a year – paid in one installement, once a year



Drop-in fee


for non-members (members from another CrossFit are welcome to join us at no charge for one visit, and if in town visiting, we can arrange a price on case-by-case basis)



Individual – 3 months package
(save $20 per month)

240$, paid every 3 months via PAD only


Student rate
(full time student)

65$, paid each month, via PAD only


Family Rate – 3 months package
(same household)

205$ each, paid every 3 months, via PAD only